We're a new church plant, so you won't find a lot of bells and whistles, but you will find a community of believers hungering for revival and the tangible presence of God in their lives. We are seeking people with an unusual passion to see revival both in their lives and in the community around us. We are creating a ministry team of both men and women who are consumed with a passion for God’s presence and revival and that truly understand what it means to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” in their lives. We believe that “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”, so we desire to meet the needs in the world around us by “doin the stuff” that Jesus told us to do through the love, forgiveness, and restorative power of a loving, very real and actively interested Heavenly Father. We seek to model our approach after that of Jesus, naturally moving in the supernatural power of God to bring restoration into the lives of those we touch. A meeting with God is not just a purely intellectual understanding, but it is a real encounter with the maker of heaven and earth. In all this, our main desire is to bring people into the presence of a loving Father God so that they are profoundly changed by knowing Him. We welcome you to come as you are and experience an encounter
with love that will transform your life forever…



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