Fred and Sharon Wright

  Fred and Sharon  have ministered together internationally for more than 45 years as pastors, missionaries, Bible School directors and church planters for various movements in the Body of Christ. They are the international coordinators for Partners in Harvest, a movement born out of the revival at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Toronto, Canada.  They travel worldwide to as many of these churches as possible, as well as visiting new churches interested in joining this fellowship of churches and ministries. Fred and Sharon have mentoring hearts and speak and minister on a broad range of subjects, including God's love, forgiveness, Christ-likeness, holiness, hearing God's voice, prophecy and leadership development.They are also authors of book “The World’s Greatest Revivals”.

Dan & Gwen Slade 

  Dan and Gwen Slade are the Founders and Directors of Catch the Fire Ukraine which reaches into all of Eastern Europe. Dan is also the International Coordinator for Partners in Harvest along with Fred Wright . Dan and Gwen have served as missionaries in Ukraine for 12 years, overseeing a network of PIH churches as well as Schools of Ministry and conferences. They minister the love of the Father with great compassion and are true mentors. They have 5 children and have recently relocated to Bolton, ON, Canada.

Ralph & Inger Beisner

   Ralph and Inger are Regional Coordinators for Partners in Harvest Churches located on the east coast of the United States. Partners in Harvest is a network of churches partnering to spread the fire of God’s love, presence and healing throughout the nations.

 Justice Ralph Beisner retired in January, 2002 as a New York Supreme Court Justice. He served as a judge for 18 years. Before being elected to the bench Ralph served as an Assistant New State Attorney General and an Assistant District Attorney in Queens County , New York .

  In 2002 Ralph and Inger served on the staff of the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in Toronto, Canada which is where the International headquarters are located for Partners in Harvest Churches.

  They have appeared on the “700 Club” and “Catch the Fire” television shows. Ralph is also featured on the video” Inside the Toronto Blessing”. The Lord has given them opportunities to speak and minister in Canada, Italy, England, Mexico, Nigeria and the USA. Ralph and Inger have a passion for Jesus that comes through as they minister the love of the Father and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Ralph & Inger have been married over 40 years and have three daughters and five grandchildren. They reside in Hudson River Valley region of New York State.

Jim & Dianne Paul 

  Jim and Dianne Paul are the Sr. Pastors of Metro Church International of Hamilton, Ontario, a Partners in Harvest Church. After 13 years of serving as Baptist pastors for congregations across Canada Jim and Dianne joined Pastor John Arnott at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship in 1994.

    Jim serves on the Board of Directors for Godspeak International, an internet based prophetic/healing training school in California. He has a strong prophetic gifting and has been used to deliver powerful words to the body of Christ worldwide. Jim also authored the book “Prophecy in Practice”.

   Jim is part of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship's (TACF) itinerant staff (e.g. one of the conference speakers for TACF) and is officially recognized by TACF as a prophet. He used to be a staff pastor/prophet at TACF, but in Febuary of 1996, he was "sent out" to become the Senior Pastor of their church plant (Metro Church International of Hamilton) in Hamilton. Jim and Dianne continue to travel internationally for TACF, speaking at conferences and ministering both revival and the prophetic.






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