Heart of the Father Church is non-denominational and welcomes people from both churched and unchurched backgrounds. We are affiliated with Partners in Harvest for the purpose of accountability, on-going support and strategic partnership.

Partners in Harvest is a worldwide family of churches united in their passion for Jesus and partnering together to spread the Gospel by bringing Godís love, presence and healing to the nations.

PIH places a high value on God's Word, the Father heart of God, His presence, intimacy with God in worship and intercession, outreach in evangelism and missions, and on renewing the body of Christ in the power of the Spirit.

PIH values:
F - Fatherís Love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ
- Intimacy with God, the Presence of God & Hearing Godís Voice
R - Restoration of the Heart/Soul
E - Extending the Kingdom of God through the equipping, anointing and empowering of the Holy Sp

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